Within the Erasmus+ project GREENUS the best n. 15 students (5 from each Vietnamese university), selected according with international parameters, will spend three weeks in Europe to attend an Intensive Courses on Waste Management, one week at each EU University. Each EU partner will provide lessons, training and organize technical visits to labs and industries working in the waste management sector. The mobility will be managed by the local International Offices in terms of accommodation, assurance, education, training offers and language obstacles. During the experience in Europe, students will have also the opportunity to visit laboratories of UNIROMA1, HMU and JU, entering in touch with EU market in the waste management fields and European High Education.

Duration of study: 12/6 – 2/07/2023
- Participation in GREENUS courses
- Scientific skills
- Very good knowledge of English
- Communication skills
- Personal motivation
EACEA financial Contribution
For each university, 5 students will be selected.
Each student will receive a total amount of 3.220 € that will be used to cover the following expenditures:
  • TRAVEL: 2.050 € will be used to cover the flight costs: a circular travel Vietnam - Italy - Greece - Poland - Vietnam: 1.500 € +275 € +275 € = 2.050 €
Please be aware that the following supporting documents will be asked for: invoice or receipt
for the purchase of the flight ticket and the boarding passes.
  • COSTS of STAY: The project will pay 1.170 € per 24 days of stay. (costs of stay include hotel and meals at least)
This calculation has been done considering a total of 24 days (8 days to be spent in each country: Italy, Greece, Poland) and according to the Erasmus+ rules: the first 14 days at 55 € and the following 10 days at 40 €. (14*55€+10*40€=1.170€). As a supporting document it could be useful to have the hotel / accommodation invoice.
The project can't provide more funds since donor's rules must be followed.
We recommend booking the flight ticket in advance in order to get possible offers and not overspending. For the accommodation, since the hotel costs in some countries is higher than 48 € a day, we would recommend looking for an alternative solution (sharing apartment with the usage of the kitchen or even hostel). EU University can provide support for the organization of
students’ stay.

Motivation letter (written in English expressing your motivation to participate in the program)
CV (written in English)
Transcript (can be submitted bilingual or in Vietnamese)
Passport scan
Certificate of English (if any)
Students scan all required documents, compress them into a single file and submit them online via email: chung.nguyenthuy@hust.edu.vn

DEADLINE: 26/03/2023

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