Waste management
Universities for the reduction of environmental impact!
Universities for the reduction of environmental impact!
GREENUS project aims at supporting modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education institutions through the implementation of innovative strategies and tools that in all the partner universities target to
1 Develop, integrate, accredit and deliver 6 new Courses in waste management jointly taught by universities in vietnam and Myanmar and in line with European Educational principles
2 Pay attention to the development of transversal and practical skills with an approprivate laboratory component of the courses
3 Spread a new recycling culture and the importance of differentiated collection within the Universities staff and students, general public and youngest generations
4 Actively involve the key stakeholders in the strategic sectors of Education, Public Policies and Industry/SME playing fundamental roles in the field of Recycling and Waste
5 Provide training and upgrading opportunities in Europe for GREENUS students and PhDs
6 Facilitate employability of students for postgraduate work by creating links between local companies and new professional, filling the gaps of labor market